Flysurfer and Ozone Foil Kite Comparisons

Comparing different kites from various manufacturers can be challenging. If you are interested in foil kites you should definitely have a look at the two market leaders: Ozone and Flysurfer . Over the years we had the chance to test ride comparable kites from both manufacturers under different conditions (water and snow). A comparison between two great backcountry open cell kites (Ozone Explore and the Flysurfer Peak) was already posted here.

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Foilkite für den Wasserstart packen

Flysurfer Soul in 8 Schritten für den Wasserstart vorbereiten – How to pack a Flysurfer foilkite for waterstart.

Kohlefaserreparatur / carbon fiber repair

Kohlefaserreparatur eines MOSES carbon-T-40- foilboard für ca 40€. Repair a carbon fiber surfboard (MOSES – foilboard) for 40€.

Material / Materials:

Kohlefaser, Epoxyharz, Härter, Pinsel, Mischbecher, Schleifpaper (100, 400, 1000), Klarlack
Carbon fiber material, epoxyresin, hardener, brush, mixing cup, sandpaper (100, 400 ,1000), clear coat
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